Philippine Chef Association presents Philippine Food Expo and their 1st yr Anniversary

Philippine Generations witnessed the oath taking
of Philippine Chef Association UK last year in September 2007. His Excellency Ambassador Espiritu lead the oath taking of a group comprising of thirty seven culinary masters some of the 5,000 registered Filipino Chefs in the UK. Many of whom are awardees of European Culinary Scenes and known for their world class culinary championship. Their aim is to promote Filipino talents, Culinary skills and Philippine Cuisine. Since the oath taking they have more members and are still growing. They believe that through food they can raise appreciation of Philippine culture in the UK.

For their 1st yr anniversary in September they are organising their first major culinary event; ‘Philippine Food Expo’. It will be showcasing different Filipino foods from the three main islands of the Philippines, Luzon Visayas and Mindanao. Different food from each mainland will be showcased and highlighted by high skilled Filipino Chefs. Also there will be food preparation and cooking demonstrations targeting each region of the Philippines, with guests from all over the UK invited to sample the dishes. It is the perfect time to highlight the massive input of the Filipino chefs in the UK’s culinary development.

Their aim is “to introduce the regional Filipino cuisines to the notable people in the culinary Industry. Executive chefs of the top hotels and Filipinos in the culinary industry in the UK will be attending and the event is well suited to introduce the local British suppliers to the growing Filipino market. We also intend to use the occasion as a springboard to usher in Filipino foods to the top British markets in the UK” quote from Elizabeth, Chairperson of PCA UK.

The tickets are £10 Entrance including selection of dishes.

order tickets online go to: www.onephilippines.co.uk/foodexpo

The event will be held on September 27, 2008
10:00 am – 5pm
Battersea Arts Center.

To see the flyer click here!


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