Who’s Your Hero?

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29th August marks National Heroes’ Day in the Philippines, a day that begged a question to be asked: what does it really mean to be a hero?

It is one of those age-old, annoyingly open-ended questions in life – one at which you sigh in embarrassed exaspiration if it ever passes through someone’s lips – their corny attempt to break the ice. But hey, Mariah Carey, Enrique Iglesias and Bonnie Tyler have all certainly crooned romantically about heroes; absolutely classic songs.  

In fiction, we read of heroes from the Old World wielding their swords, slaying giants and dragons for swooning maids. A millenia later, our heroes are now ‘Super’ with leggings and capes and flying no less (or at least spewing webs from their wrists). 

Converted heroes, national heroes, Guitar Heroes, martyrs; sporting champions, politicians, entrepreneurs, parents, celebrities…  The last person I called ‘hero’ was a good friend who had helped me out of my ‘writer’s block’ last week. As superficial and over-dramatic as it is labelling the gesture of my friend’s support ‘heroic’ – their written words were still, nevertheless, simply above and beyond anything I could create. And that for me simply put, is how I would define a hero: going above and beyond expectations and limits.

So yes, I’m taking the question out there again, and want to know from youwhat does it take to be a hero? Who is yours?    

We’d love to hear your definition and/or example. It can be anecdotal, it can be witty and observational…it can real or theoretical…the hero of course, could be dead or alive, man, woman, child…you get the gist.  Entertain us.  Entertain yourselves!  Get writing!!

Send your responses to info@philippinegenerations.org and get yourself posted on this blog right here!

Happy writing 🙂 

Kat Cruz


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