Volunteering FAQ’s

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Frequently Asked Questions:


  • Are the volunteering opportunities exclusively open to only Filipinos or those of Filipino heritage?

    No. Our volunteering opportunities are open to all.Return to question list

  • I’m strapped for time, can I still volunteer?

Yes. Many of the Philippine Generations volunteers have full-time employment, study or child care commitments during the weekday, so we have roles that can fit around these.  Often, we hold events and volunteer meetings in the evening, after work, at a central London location or via group Skype.. In addition, many of the roles can be done remotely or from home.  Return to question list

  • Do I get training as part of my volunteering?

    Volunteers are integral part of the way we work and we wish to ensure they are fully and actively supported in their roles. We provide induction to all our volunteers. When you start volunteering with Philippine Generations, you will be given a main point of contact, to ensure you are adequately briefed about your task, your objective, the inner workings of the organisation. We will also ensure that you are able to carry out your volunteer role in a safe way, especially in roles which involves supporting members of the public.From time to time, Philippine Generations also receives access to free training and qualification from other infrastructure organisation. Where relevant and appropriate, we offer these learning opportunities to our volunteers.Return to question list

  • Do you cover out-of-pocket expenses?

    Philippine Generations is committed to ensuring that our volunteers are not out of pocket as a result of their volunteering. However, as we are a not-for-profit, volunteer-led organisation, this means we run our programmes on a tight shoe string budget and may not always be able to fully reimburse travel or lunch expenses whilst volunteering. However, the team is always fundraising to ensure we are able to contribute fully towards your volunteering-related costs.  All volunteer expenses claims will need to be pre-approved before the volunteering and submission of receipts is required before actual reimbursements. Return to question list

  • I have criminal record, can I still get involved?

    Having a criminal record should not be a barrier to volunteering; however it may limit your options. When you apply for a volunteer position, especially in roles involving children and vulnerable adults, you may be asked to disclose any criminal offence / convictions. Decisions will be made on an individual basis, taking into account the nature of the offence/conviction, the severity and whether it is related to the role. If the role you are applying for involves you being solely in charge of children or vulnerable adults, we will request you to apply for a Disclosure & Barring Service certificate, with no cost to you. If you are concerned about any of this, please talk to us.Return to question list

  • How much time do I need to volunteer for?

    It’s up to you! Most of the people in our volunteer pool only give in a few spare hours per week, or are ‘on-call’ and can help out in ad hoc events throughout the year, depending on their circumstances and availability. Many people find they are able to fit volunteering around study and employment. Majority of our volunteer vacancies only require volunteers for one off events, while some roles will require an ongoing commitment although this can be done remotely (from your desk/home).Return to question list

  • What is the vetting procedure for volunteers?

We ask volunteers to complete the form and/or email info.philippinegenerations.org to express an interest in volunteering. One of the directors will then be in contact to discuss possibilities of working together and how you can get involved. Return to question list

  • Do I need qualifications?

    No, you don’t need any qualification to get involved. Some roles may require specific experience, but if available, we may be able to offer on the job training to enable you to perform effectively within the role. We may also buddy you with another volunteer who show you the ropes. Return to question list

  • I am under 18 years old and looking for work placement to complete a course, can Philippine Generations provide this?

Yes, but this depends on the requirements of the course to qualify as a placement. We are happy to involve young people in the running of our ad hoc events (where appropriate!), however, as we do not have an office, we are unable to provide an ongoing/daily placement at this time.  Return to question list

  • Where will I volunteer?

Our events, classes and meetings are held at different sites within London. Return to question list

  • I am interested in volunteering but I couldn’t find the right opportunity in your current vacancies

Our list for volunteer vacancies is not exhaustive. We believe that people can contribute many different ways. Please contact us directly by completing the form at the bottom of the Volunteering Page or email info@philippinegenerations.org for your ideas how you might like to get involved or to discuss possible options. Return to question list


Do you have more questions? Contact us and we will be happy to discuss further. Email info@philippinegenerations.org

For full description of what its like to volunteer for Philippine Generations and current volunteer vacancies, check out our Volunteering For Philippine Generations page.