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   It was a good season for the support for Philippine Culture shortly after the inauguration of Philippine Generations, as the Philippine Chefs’ Association Oath Taking took place on Friday 14th September 2007. His Excellency Ambassador Espiritu witnessed the birth of a group comprising of thirty seven culinary master from all over UK.

   One thing you can praise about a multicultural Britain is the love of cuisine. One may be surprised to learn that there are more than 5,000 Filipino chefs scattered all over the UK, many of whom are graced with awards in the European culinary scene. That same evening, three chefs were recognised for bringing honour and prestige to the Philippines:

Jeremiah Lagudas – Executive Sous Pastry Chef of Harrods, London
Damacio “Jun” Soriano – Gold Plate
Felix Bayker – Pastry chef at Hilton Paddington in London

   The Chairman and one of the founding members of PCA, Elizabeth Perez poetically regarded the chefs as “unsung heroes of the industry, toiling beneath the glitz and glamour of the Michelin stars, rosettes and banquet hall”. Ms Perez along with the founding members Felix Bayker (Director and Secretary) and Edope Villaneuva humbly accepted praise at their success in establishing an organisation that will “showcase the limitless talent of the Filipino” in the culinary arena.

   The chefs tantalised the taste buds of the guests at the Philippine Embassy with an assortment of delicate pastries, canapés and an abundance of the best of Filipino dishes. Rest assured the guests did not leave with an empty stomach. “As members of the Philippine Chefs Association took time out from the heat of the kitchen, they continue to work on making …noise for future projects.” Philippine Generations whole-heartedly support PCA and wish them all the best in their endeavours and will be looking forward to working with them on future events to promote Filipino Cuisine and Filipino culinary talent. 

Elizabeth Perez


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