Philippine Generations draws a DOT

     Tuldok* Animation Studios Inc. is a non-stock non-profit organization whose dream is to make the world realize the artistic and creative talent of the Filipino people. Combining expertise in storytelling, art, animation, voice acting, and music together with our rich culture, it has become their dream that the Filipino artist is recognized in the international community not just an outsourcing tool but as an untapped resource for creative and unique content as well. 

     Original animated content in the Philippines is still very rare despite being an animation provider for over 20 years; the Philippines has yet to steadily produce its own local content.The biggest reason behind that would be the lack of financiers who are confident in creating something Filipino, these people or groups, are few and far between. Once there is funding however, more artists will come, and another film can be done!

     Tuldok received some funding from generous groups and individuals but the amount collected is still not enough to compete with the industry outsourcing rates, so majority of the artists still opt for projects that could feed their families more.
Only a few idealistic and generous artists volunteer to join us in our cause (for now) to create something to prove to possible investors and other artists that such a feat is possible.

     These artists set aside time from their busy schedules to produce something that is long overdue: An Original Filipino Animated Film.

     If you want to help us out by joining as an animator, voice actor, musician, digital artist, financing, or are interested in supporting us in your own way, then by all means feel free to contact us!

 Join and sign up the Tuldok Artists Database: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/tuldok_artists_database/

More about Tuldok please visit their website and blog on:
www.tuldokanimation.com and http://tuldokanimation.blogspot.com/

Tuldok is the Filipino word for dot, speck, or a point. It is the most basic part of a drawing from which all kinds of lines, shapes, patterns are created.


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