BBC TV show Last Man Standing go to Philippines!

Last Man Standing, a TV show on BBC 3, takes ‘a unique group of western adventurers to accept the challenge of a life-time. To travel the world, and compete against some of the most remote tribes on earth… on their own turf.’

There are three guys from the States and three from the UK (pictured right, during their time in Brazil from the show’s website linked below). Wole, from London, went to my old school, St. Thomas More in Chelsea, with so many other Filipinos, so I’m personally hoping he wins!

On Tuesday, 25th November at 9pm, the episode will show them travelling to the Philippines to take part in Sikaran. A form of Kicking martial art, similar to Karate, only with more kicks that are faster and more fierce than kick boxing!

The spiritual home of this art is in Baras, in the Province of Rizal. During Spanish occupation, Sikaran was outlawed, along with Arnis, Kali, Eskrima, Suntukan, Dumog, Gumol, Palis-Palis, Tigbasan, Tagaan, and the possession of Balisong (butterfly knife). During the Philippine revolution against Spain, many of the Katipuneros, used these and variations of these as well as other lost arts to fight against the Spanish soldiers.

I know of many non-Filipinos and second generation Filipinos who have gone to the Philippines to study Arnis and Eskrima in Cebu, if this encourages people to go to Baras, then the area and Sikaran will be all the better for it.

It is still widely practiced and if you want to find out more on it please visit:


For more info on Last Man Standing please visit:


If you can, try and watch it. If you aren’t in the UK, download a clip or try youtube!!!



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