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In early 2007, the founders of Philippine Generations were invited to a forum at the Philippine Embassy UK, to discuss the perceived problems young Filipinos face in the UK with a view to helping the Philippine Government engage with the UK diaspora more effectively.

The key issue raised was the notion of the second generation. This term refers to the children of overseas migrant workers. Not many people are aware of the many cultural,  identity and social issues faced by the second generation that were born in the UK and are undeniably British. The lack of Filipino leaders and organisations already addressing this issue was apparent. There were none focused or fully utilising the second generation Filipinos in the UK.

Through various conversations and meetings between the second generation, it was discovered that there were various groups and individuals discussing the same issue: Filipino Cultural Identity. The founders of Philippine Generations organised a forum that several pillars of the second generation community attended.  It was through collaborative events and Philippine Generations Limited was incorporated on 16th August 2007. The signatories were the Lord Mayor of Westminster, the Chair of the Westminster Partnership for Racial Equality and The Deputy Chief of Mission at the Philippine Embassy UK.

Philippine Generations has overseen a cultural and identity explosion within the Philippine community over the past 3 years that has seen numerous groups, associations and businesses spring up through networking and community events. Themes such as Philippine cuisine, dance, martial arts, the mainstream arts, tourism, sports (notably, an English FA registered Philippine football team) have featured on previous events calendars.

In 2009, the Philippine President, Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo named Philippine Generations in a televised speech. She described the development of the Philippine community in the UK and placed us at the forefront of diaspora relations between the two countries. 

Our three aim are to Educate – Increase knowledge and awareness of the Philippines, its people and culture. Inspire – Increase the confidence within the community of their own identity and the appetite for the British community to learn about the Philippines and Empower By increasing the knowledge and confidence within the community we hope to give them the tools to encourage them to be positive role models for future generations.

The problem for the majority of the second generation Filipinos is that 
there is a lack of an acknowledged heritage. This has led to disenfranchisement from the Filipino experience. Ultimately, a sense of loss of an individuals roots result in a compromised life which may hinder personal development and growth. Philippine Generations provide strategic interventions through a light touch, strong impact approach. By educating, inspiring and empowering the community, we build happier individuals that will be more rooted in their own culture and more likely to flourish as citizens. 


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