Filipino Language 10 Weeks Course – Conversational

This is robably the most on demand project we have so far, the class filled up after 2 days of being announced available online and there are still people on the waiting list! We are very proud of it’s achivement so far, last year we held a pilot class which was very sucessful that lead us to do the course. 

We are now on the 6th week on Tuesday, 3rd May. Students are very happy of the course so far as it’s a very relax teaching environment, full of exercises, reading materials and information about Philippine & culture embedded in the course. 

Our volunteer teachers are doing a fantastic job teaching our students, they are working very hard to give the best standard as possible. Philippine Generation is a registered Filipino Language Supplemetary School by NRC

The topics so far are:

1. Introduction (Pagpapakilala)

In this introductory lesson, you will learn to meet other people and introduce yourself in Filipino. To achieve this we will be covering vocabulary on the family, hobbies and types of professions. You will be taught standard greetings, the Filipino alphabet (old and new), and we will work on pronunciation through interactive exercises and games to help you feel comfortable and gain confidence in learning the language.

2.Fiesta! (Pistahan!)

Hundreds of fiestas are celebrated in the Philippines on a yearly basis – Filipinos love these special occasions to mingle, dance and eat good food! In this lesson, we will cover the significance of fiesta to the Filipino psyche and you will plan a fiesta event. You will learn to standard expressions and vocabulary for dates (days, months, years), times and numbers. As with the first lesson, we will also work on pronunciation.

3. Eating Out (Pasyal / Kain sa Labas)

To build confidence in speaking Filipino, we will teach you how to order at a Filipino restaurant. You will learn to ask for the Menu, order food and drink for yourself and your family, state any dietary requirements and ask for the bill. We will cover standard phrases and vocabulary on quantities, types of food and drink, and general table conversation, including how to get out of some awkward situations!

4. At the Market (Sa Palengke)

Markets are an integral part of Filipino life. This lesson shall cover costs, Philippine money (the Peso), numbers, quantities, colours, sizes, and shapes. We will not only cover standard expresssions and vocabulary for buying and selling items, we will also show you different bargaining techniques and bargaining etiquette that you can use the next time you see that one-of-a-kind shawl… or the perfect mango. 

5. Speed-Friending (Barkadahan)

In this session, we will conduct a mid-term revision of the previous classes through a series of interactive exercises, games and drills to help you build more confidence with using the different expressions and vocabulary. This session is intended to help us assess your progress in the language, but we also hope to receive feedback from you that we can use to improve the course once it resumes following the Easter break.

6. Getting to Places (Deriksyon / Pagbibigay ng Punto)

What to do if you’re lost? How do you get to the station? This is propbably one of the more practical things to leaen in a foreign language. In this Session we will cover the different types of transportation in Filipino and what to say when asking for Directions or giving directions. We will also teach your vocabulary and standard phrases dealing with location of items and Filipino concept of distance.

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