Well Done Michael


You really inspired many people not just the Filipino community but the British community as a whole! We are very proud of you and thankful that you run for PhilGen. It’s a big achievement for you and to our community too. I hope this will inspire more Filipinos to be more proud of their heritage, get involve more in the community and do well for themselves.

The money raised will help PhilGen with their projects this year including a ‘Kultura’ Workshop in the summer, Philippine Independence Day World Cup and Parol Workshop.

Many thanks to all the people who supported Michael on the day, it was a manic day but we all managed to find each other in the end 🙂

A massive thank you to MoneyGram who is Michael’s main sponsor, all the people who individually sponosred Michael, Filmefilms for the promo video, Planet Philippines for the article in March, ABS-CBN for the coverage, Michael’s friends, Robert ‘Bobby’ Williams photographer on the the day and all the PhilGen Volunteers.

For those who haven’t donated yet it’s not too late we will keep the site up until next week www.runmichaelrun.eventbrite.com We will update everyone for the total money raised!

Mabuhay tayo!


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