Rebecca Grant: An Actor in Art

Rebecca with portrait of ex c-star Robert Powell (c. right) and Ambassador Reynaldo Catapang

‘An Actor’s Art’

     For actress and singer Rebecca Grant, ‘An Actor’s Art’ is her first exhibition of a lifelong hobby and passion. Rebecca, most famous for her role as Sister Daisha Robertson in Holby City, has not yet let one talent to waste. During stage rehearsals and scene breaks, she took the time out to draw and paint scenes of production and portraits of her fellow actors. 

     Her works, which can be seen at the Philippine Embassy (10 Suffolk St., SW1Y 4HG), is a refreshing collection with lots of modern appeal.  Not to be ignored. But hurry! There are 3 days left of the exhibition – don’t miss out!
Check out Rebecca’s blog here for the official press release. Stay tuned for the conversation with the star here on the Philippine Generations blog. Happy musings…

K.A. Cruz


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