Philippine – British Friendship Day

We hope you grabbed a Brit, or if you are a Brit, a Filipino and gave them a hug today!

Today we celebrated the relations between the Filipinos and the British, issued under the Proclamation No.381 during President Joseph Estrada’s time. Since then, it is celebrated yearly in both the UK & the Philippines and was originally set on 7th December but was moved to 20thOctober by the fomer  President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo in 2008. This change was in reaction to the request of Peter Beckingham, who at the time was the UK Ambassador to the Philippines.

The Filipino-British relationship dates back to the early 16thcentury when the Europeans started their exploration of Southeast Asia. Many British influences can still be found in Panay Island, where Nicholas Loney established the sugar industry and served as British Vice Consul in Iloilo from 1856 to 1866. When the Philippine Revolution broke out in 1896, a number of British nationals joined the Filipino revolutionaries, Paul Stanshope, a British national, is recognised as one of the revolution’s unsung heroes.

Filipinos and the British have shared many battles; they have stood side by side in world wars, in promoting democracy, open trade and the peaceful resolutions of conflicts, as well as in more recent times promoting gender equality and in contributing to a reversal of climate change.

The Philippines and the UK also share a love for Beer, Black Pudding (dinuguan), Karaoke, Football (Philippines were the first country in Asia to play Soccer) and Rock Ballads!

The British Embassy in Manila has supported some of the many concerns in the Philippines, including protection of human rights, disaster planning, economic development and prevention of international crime. The British Embassy has also bridged dealings with British firms who continue to expand their trade and investments in the Philippines, from outsourcing to renewable energy. The UK is one of the largest foreign investors in the Philippines and the value of foreign trade exceeds $2bn annually.

Philippine Generations would like to extend a Jolly Good Filipino –British Friendship Day to everyone! Today is a reminder of how both countries have supported each other, expanding all opportunities for the Filipino and British peoples.

We hope that this relationship continues to grow.

Mabuhay tayo!


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