Cycling the breadth of GB for Hope for Children!

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From the Cornish tip to the highest Eastern Scottish corner, Mark Pain, Director of Kabayan Debt Advice will by cycling from Land’s End to St. John’s Groat in a bid to raise funds for the Joshua West Education Fund Project, which is supervised by the charity Hope for Children. This incredible cycling expedition is no mean feat and will take the route that passes through prominent Filipino communities as indicated roughly on the map here.  We hope those who will read this message and will have possibly watched Mark’s interview on ABS-CBN at the beginning of this month to certainly rally around Mark as he tears through each area and community in June.

Mark also invites businesses to support the cause through sponsoring his sport attire, bicycle and support vehicle.  His ultimate ambition would be to raise £10,000 in total, which will be donated by an education fund set up by Joshua West. A man, most famously known as the Philippines’ favourite London bus driver who experienced and worked no less in the heart of Manila driving a jeepney for the BBC show ‘Toughest Place to Be a…Bus Driver’ that was aired early 2011.

The Joshua West Education Fund aims to provide for severely under-privileged children within communities in Manila. Donations made will go directly to alleviating the poor hygienic conditions in which these children, right up to providing nutritious meals and contributing to paying for school fees and uniform.  One can only imagine the powerful impact £10,000 can make from our network here in the UK to the several communities there in Manila. The change would be create multiple, potentially generational effect.

To learn more about Mark’s preparation and to donate, get connected! Details below:

Mark Pain: mark@mp-financial.net / 0845 50 50 312

The journey begins here – good luck Mark!!

Kat Cruz


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