An Introduction to BAYBAYIN: Art Exhibition & Lecture By Christian Cabuay

Baybayin aka Alibata is a pre-Filipino writing system from the islands known as the “Philippines”. Baybayin comes from the word “baybay”, which literally means “spell”. Alibata was a term coined by Paul Versoza in the early 1900′s.

Today, this ancient script is being resurrected thanks to young soul searching Filipinos. Due to my respect for Hector SantosPaul Morrow. I learned a lot from them and will not simply rewrite what they have already done. Just like any writing system, learn the basics then make it your own style.

Kristian Kabuay (Christian Cabuay) was born in the Philippines and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area. He spent his college years in the Philippines where he honed his knowledge about the native ancient writing system, Baybayin. Kristian is a self-taught artist influenced by calligraphy, graffiti, abstract art, indigenous culture, technology and Asian writing systems.

As a leading authority for the propagation and instruction of the Philippine script, he developed a modern style of the writing system called Tulang Kalis (Poetry of the Sword) and introduced it as Filipino Calligraphy with a series of live demonstrations and lectures at the Asian Art Museum in October 2012. He has spoken at numerous schools and institutions such as Stanford University, UC Berkeley, SF State University, UC Davis, Sonoma State, University of the Philippines and the San Francisco Philippine Consulate.

Currently based in San Francisco, Kristian has been tirelessly advocating a reawakening of the indigenous spirit through decolonization and Baybayin. Conscious about the role he plays, Kristian launched his own company around the script specializing custom art, translations, books and apparel. This lead to collaborations with t-shirt, hat and skateboard companies. Kristian is currently working on a 2nd book, a documentary and European tour in 2013.

“My work explores Filipino culture in the diaspora. Using the nearly extinct indigenous writing system from the Philippines, Baybayin, as a foundation, I incorporate and deconstruct calligraphy and graffiti methods. My pieces can be described as didactic art that is meant both to entertain and to instruct. Themes explored are identity, poverty, love and duality.” by Christian Cabuay 

Book your seats for the opening of Christian’s Art Exhibition & Lecture on 30 June from 2pm – 6pm At Philippine Embassy London 

£10 early bird £15 at the door!

The exhibition will open at 2pm with an opening remarks from Philippine Generations Chairman Adrian Williams followed by the Philippine Embassy Ambassador Enrique Manolo with a short speech. 
Live Demo

To kickoff the event, I would do a live art demonstration on a 5’x5′ canvas or paper on 

the floor writing “Sulat ng Malansang Isda” (Writing of the Stinky Fish) in Baybayin, the 

title of my documentary. This demonstration includes a an opening ceremony of “Tulang 

Kalis” (Poetry of the Sword). After the performance, I would explain what I wrote, the 

ink, tools and my style. This would then lead in to the lecture. 

An Introduction to Baybayin is targeted towards those with little or no knowledge of Philippine writing systems. The 3-step foundation of my mission is Baybayin for CULTURAL IDENTITY, PROMOTION for Economic Gain leading to PRESERVATION.

Language: English and Tagalog

Sample subjects

– My story
– History of the script
– Near extinction
– Current state
– Documentary selected scenes
– Socioeconomic benefits
– Revival issues
– Q&A 

Custom Art Design
Christian can customise a Words, Names, letters into Baybayin on a 14×17 water colour paper or 5×7 paper. You can have use the art as a display, gift for someone or some people have them as a tattoo! Prices starts from £10 only! Please book an appointment here if you are not attending the opening and if you want to see him after 5pm Mon-Thur. 

Christian’s Baybayin Book
Get hold of Christians book and read about Baybayin. We will sell his book for £15 through out the event and Christian can sign the book for you too! 
Pre order the book here

Philippine Embassy
Suffolk Street


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