PG History

2007-Philippine-Generations29PG was inaugurated by the Mayor of Westminster, the Chairman for the Westminster Partnership for Racial Equality and the Deputy Chief of Mission for the Philippine Embassy on 9th August 2007.


Founded in 2007 by five second generation Filipinos brought up in London, Philippine Generations (PG) was borne initially out of a briefing held at the Philippine Embassy for the Commission for Filipinos Overseas where PG co-founders Adrian and Mae Williams stressed to representatives that there was no communication with the second generation Filipino community from the Philippines or the wider Filipino diaspora in the UK.


Together with the help of another of PG’s co-founders, Vincent Fajilagmago, they brought together 30 young British-Filipinos to a forum to discuss their cultural identity and how to address the cultural dialogue lost between two generations. This forum ultimately concluded that this disconnect would further alienate the existing/forthcoming third generation of Brit-Filipinos and hinder the wider promotion of Philippine culture in the UK.


PG emerged initially as a group of young professional Filipinos intent on showing the community that the second generation are active, aware and successful in their own right and should be involved in community issues and discussions. Now, the PG community of committee members, volunteers and supporters celebrate a diversely international network of individuals passionate about the Philippines’ cultural heritage.