Vision, Mission, Values


Michael Castro running in the London Marathon and raised some money for Philippine Generations. Sub 4 hours is an amazing time too!


Our Vision is to create the heroes of tomorrow through education, by enabling them to see the difference they can make both internally to themselves and externally with the wider community

Our Mission is to establish a Philippine School providing Language, History and Cultural classes to people of all ages and backgrounds in London.

Our Values are as follows

We work in collaboration with local communities and other partner organizations
We welcome people of all backgrounds and ages to volunteer or enjoy our classes, workshops and projects
We are all volunteers and provide volunteer opportunities, as we believe it is a great way to share knowledge, make a difference and to help in personal development
We make sure that all events and initiatives follow our values, are replicable and cost effective
We want to share knowledge, culture and expertise with volunteers, individuals, groups and organizations
We aim to give people the confidence and tools so that they might make a difference to themselves and their community

We want to enable individuals and organizations to take that step to be proactive and make a difference in whatever way they can