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‘Parol’ Lantern Making Project

Making traditional Philippine lanterns was one of our first project. Bamboos and materials are sourced from the Philippines.  We wanted to share this tradition during Christmas season to everyone particularly to families from all backgrounds are welcome. They make their own lanterns from scratch, they can let their creativity go and decorate their lanterns to take home.

This year we are running it at the Museum of London Docklands! Find out more here


Philippine Heritage Month

A whole month of celebrating Filipino people and culture, a coordinated series of events in collaboration with other groups, individuals and organisations. Philippine Independence Day is also celebrated in June as well as the start of many Barrio Fiestas through out the UK.

Have an event planned for June OR an idea you want to do? We would love to hear from you!


In School

Philippine Generations visit schools to teach how to make Philippine Christmas lanterns ‘Parol’ , Cooking Filipino food, Learning about Eskrima (Filipino martial art) & Self Defence and Philippine Folk Dances. All activities are tailored for each key stages.


Careers Day

A one day event with different workshop, speakers and specialist. Topics including Entrepreneurship, Education System in UK, Work Experience, Financial Education and Networking.


Social Enterprise

A project that we have always done and encourage for other organisations. One of our successful enterprise are the lantern materials for our bamboo lanterns. It’s from communities in the Philippines to help them through financial difficulties or to provide funds for a particular project they want to do for their community. Our latest group was Gawad Kalinga.

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