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Friendship and Fellowship
Wednesday, 9 May 2012, 7:00 p.m. for 8:00 p.m.
The Hall of India and Pakistan
Royal Over-Seas League, Over-Seas House
Park Place, London SW1A 1LR
 Lady Almina and the Real Downton Abbey
Guest speaker: The Countess of Carnarvon
To Introduce: Sir Anthony Figgis KCVO CMG,
Chairman of The Royal Over – Seas League
Twelve million people in the UK watched the first series of Downton Abbey, and in 2011 it entered the Guinness Book of Records as the most critically-acclaimed English-language television show for the year, with over 100 countries having acquired screening rights to it.
Downton Abbey is filmed at Highclere Castle, one of Englands most exquisite Victorian castles and the home of the Earl and Countess of Carnarvon.
On 9 May, TICSL are honoured and pleased to host Lord and Lady Carnarvon at a dinner, to be followed by a presentation by Lady Fiona Carnarvon the 8th Countess, who will tell the fascinating and remarkable story of the subject of her new book, Lady Almina and the Real Downton Abbey, which provides a rich and fascinating insight into what life was really like at Highclere, both upstairs and downstairs
In 1894, Lady Almina, the 19-year-old illegitimate daughter of banking tycoon Alfred de Rothschild, married into the Carnarvon family bringing an enormous fortune with her.  Lonely and miserable at first, she gradually won over society and her husband with her wit, brave spirit and fabulous dresses.  She presided over a staff of over 90 people at Highclere.  When the First World War came, life at Highclere changed forever and they lost many of the men whose families had worked there for generations. (The current Head Gamekeepers great great-grandfather was the Head Gamekeeper in Alminas day).  Lady Almina persuaded her husband to allow her to turn Highclere into a hospital for wounded soldiers and personally saw that they received the highest standard of care.  She also funded and supported her husband the 5th Earl of Carnarvons expeditions to Egypt.  In 1922 he discovered the tomb of Tutankhamun.
COST:£40 FOR TICSL MEMBERS. £45 FOR GUESTS.Dinner will include both red and white wines or a soft drink. A cash bar is available during the Registration period.
Please note: tables for the Dinner will be allocated as your cheques arrive.
Dress code: Lounge suits for Gentlemen and Smart/Casual Wear for Ladies
Please send cheques made payable to The Inter-Cultural Society of London or just TICSL to:
Dr. Ken Reed, 9 St Huberts Close, Gerrards Cross, Bucks. SL9 7EN on or before 4 May 2012.
Enquiries to Ken on 01753 892698; e-mail:  kjreed37@yahoo.co.uk
Please print clearly and cut  —————————————————————–
WEDNESDAY, 8 May 2012 Carnarvon dinner
E-mail address                                                                      
Name(s) of guest(s)                                                                                                   
Please go to the Registration desk in the Foyer of the Hall of India and Pakistan when you arrive.

Staying in touch with the Philippine Generations family

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The Philippine Generations’ social has become quite the institution and gateway to the cultural activities we both organise and promote. In the short time that I have been a part of the management committee, I have seen the crowds that join us become more reflective of a professional network beyond 2nd generation Filipinos. Whether it is through word-of-mouth, friends, work colleagues or through the PG team, it has been incredibly fun to learn of people’s interests and share our passions and good humour together.
We find ourselves sharing stories and the jokes that entertained us from those we meet between us here within the PG team, and we explore the opportunities that will engage as much of who we meet with each other. To say the least, making connections as we do at each social is energising. But we cannot do it alone. Do more beyond the social by staying in touch with who you’ve met, and staying in touch with us! Tell us about yourself and if you can – volunteer with us! We are always on the lookout for volunteers and writers. 
Follow us on Twitter @PhilGen and on Facebook and our blog! There is plenty more to come this year, so stay tuned.
Kat Cruz


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